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SecurNOC Remodel is DONE!

DataComm’s Secure Network Operations Center (SecurNOC) Remodel is DONE! After months of hard work and a lot of team patience, DataComm has completed its office remodeling. To support on consistent growth, retooling and modernization, we have modified our SecurNOC space to accommodate more network and security technical staff. Coupled with new software and retooling to offer more and better services to our customers, our SecurNOC is now a showplace we hope to share with you. Taking ideas from others, we have built a space that is welcoming and comfortable for our staff and customers. New work spaces, “comfort zones”, our new “rest” and kitchen areas are now suited to keep us busy(ier) and happy. The new NOC center is equipped with new and spacious work furniture, monitors like the NASA Command Center, LED lighting, “mood” lighting, white-noise devices, ultra-secure wireless access points, a staff snack bar, and more. If you’d like to see it and us (consider your due diligence), please arrange a visit with your DataComm Account Manager. Watch for news about our open house and soon-to-be DataComm “user” group meeting in the near future. Thank you for all you do!

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"DataComm has a proven track record of combining strong security and support with value. Our security assessment auditors continue to make positive documented comments concerning DataComm’s reactions to their security testing."

Rick Coke | SVP & CIO, Summit Bank