Seamless email tools for your customers and employees.

Email is an essential form of communication for business. But with it comes various threats – spam, phishing and spoofing messages, hacking & data-loss.

DataComm’s SecurMail Suite delivers a variety of solutions to enhance email security without the headaches of managing in-house. We will work with you to design a solution that meets your specific email policy requirements.


Email encryption: Safe and secure way of sending sensitive information

Email is the most convenient and universally accepted method of communication today. But just how secure is it when your data travels across public servers and has the potential to be intercepted at any point? Email encryption is the only way to safely ensure secure email communication with your customers, partners and employees.


DataComm’s SecurMail service is a robust yet cost effective Email encryption solution that takes the worry and burden off your in-house staff. It is a policy driven, enterprise-wide solution that provides easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy Email Encryption, content filtering, and management of outbound (and inbound) messages. Our SecurMail service includes a Personal Financial Content Recognition lexicon that identifies Email messages containing GLBA-mandated customer financial information such as Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, Account Numbers, Balance Transfers, Refinance Data, and other personal financial details.

Service Benefits

  • Seamless integration with your existing network and Email systems
  • Easy use and management while remaining completely transparent to end-users, employees, and business partners
  • Secure communications regardless of recipient’s Email client
  • Easy customization and implementation of GLBA corporate security policies and prudent practices
  • Scalable to accommodate the needs of both small and large clients

Email Monitoring: Adding extra protection against email abuse

Email security is not limited to spam and virus protection. Email policy monitoring and filtering is a critical element of any corporation’s security controls – providing extended oversight of inbound and outbound messages.

DataComm’s SecurMail, Email Policy Violation Monitoring Solution, is a highly flexible service that reduces risk from employee misuse and confidentiality breaches. The solution can be custom-tailored to fit your specific environment, but has a robust base of lexicons available day one.

Service Benefits

  • Identify Policy Violations
  • Identifies email policy infractions to include inappropriate content, profanity, and privacy leaks(Credit Card Numbers, Social Security Numbers, Account Numbers, etc.)
  • Control Policy Enforcement
  • Escalations can be customized to meet your specific needs. Violations can be reported to senders and administrators as well as blocked or quarantined according to your corporate email policies.
  • Generate Useful Reports

Email Archival: Indexed and backed up for regulatory compliance

Email is critical to business communications, but it brings with it a host of problems – dealing with storage limits, periodic backups, problematic PST files, and access to old emails for regulatory compliance – just to name a few. Failure to address these problems effectively can bring serious repercussions.

DataComm’s SecurMail, email archival solution, enables you to effectively index and preserve all emails, enhance operational efficiencies and enforce policies for regulatory compliance. By leveraging standard policies and seamless access to messages, email content is fully indexed and backed up to enable administrators, auditors and end users quick retrieval of any email message stored in an organization’s email archive.

Service Benefits

  • Comprehensive archiving
  • Exchange stubbing
  • Search and retrieval
  • Policy management
  • Intelligent Storage Manager
  • Roles-based interface
  • Reporting and statistics

Hosted Email: Reap the many benefits of Microsoft Online Exchange

The Microsoft Online Exchange system provided by DataComm has been customized to ensure the key security features offered by Microsoft have been enabled while providing easy yet secure access to your email.

Overall, the following features are included with DataComm’s Microsoft Online Exchange system:

Service Features

  • Anti-spam and malware system: Maintain the latest defenses against malware and spam with a service that handles hundreds of millions of messages around the world every day and is updated to address new malware and spam threats quickly.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Provides the ability to identify key documents or enable policies that can prevent users from mistakenly sending sensitive information to unauthorized people, while informing them of internal compliance policies.
  • Safeguarding data: The system hosts your email data in geographically distributed data centers, with continuous data backup, premier disaster recovery capabilities, and a team of Microsoft Security Experts monitoring Online Exchange around the clock providing peace of mind that your email data will be protected.
  • Delivering reliability, availability and performance: The Microsoft Online Exchange system provides a 99.9% uptime service level agreement.
  • Flexible: The Microsoft Online Exchange system allows you to tailor the system based on your unique needs and ensures that your email communications are always available, while you remain in control of access. Providing support online, on-premises, or a hybrid of the two.
  • Keep your existing on premise Exchange investment: Microsoft Online Exchange provides you with flexible options for moving to the cloud, whether that’s onboarding to the cloud or managing a hybrid deployment with mailboxes that are both on-premises and online. Providing limited user disruption when mailboxes are smoothly moved across environments, and continues to allow users to share calendars and schedule meetings, regardless of the environment their mailbox is in.
  • Reduce systems oversight and support: An administrative console provides centralized management of powerful capabilities, including Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and site mailboxes, from the Exchange Administration Center which is a single, easy-to-use, web-based administration interface. Role-based access control empowers your helpdesk and specialist users to perform specific tasks without requiring full administrative permissions. This streamlined and intuitive experience helps you manage Exchange efficiently, delegate tasks, and focus on driving your business forward.
  • Control your data: Keep important data in one place with Exchange archiving, large mailboxes, and retention policies. Empower your users with a large mailbox to allow them the flexibility to retain email in their primary mailbox or move items to an In-Place Archive. With flexible and powerful retention policies, you can take control of your storage and compliance demands while keeping your users productive.
  • Do more: On any device Exchange lets your users be more productive by helping them manage increasing volumes of communications across multiple devices (PC, Laptop, mobile, web) and work together more effectively as teams.

Spam Filtering: Get aggressive security where is matters most – your inbox.

Spam accounts for up to 95% of global email and remains the most common method of spreading viruses. It bogs down network traffic and leads unsuspecting users to malicious web sites designed to steal sensitive personal and company information.

DataComm’s SecurMail, Spam Filtering Solution, provides real-time spam detection for immediate protection from outbreaks. Our solution prevents embarrassing data breaches, increases confidence from your partners and customers, and keep your inboxes free of spam and malware.

Service Benefits

  • Spam Filtering Service Benefits
  • Flexible routing
  • Decide how messages will be processed, and which users and groups can receive bulk mail. Use whitelists and blacklists to sort mail based on domain.
  • Strong protection
  • Our solution distinguishes legitimate communication from spam outbreaks in real time, blocking more than 99% of unwanted email.
  • Spam quarantine
  • Users can create a safe quarantine for spam, bulk mail, and suspect email messages.
  • Intuitive management
  • Easy-to-use interface makes deployment and ongoing management simple and straightforward.
  • Aggressive where it counts.
  • Many solutions analyze all email messages the same way. DataComm’s SecurMail categorizes messages and allows you to tailor your spam blocking aggressiveness.

Secure File Transfer: Complete security – complete peace of mind

As IT professionals search for the right managed file transfer solution, they should choose one that not only exceeds their security expectations, but also improves global collaboration, focuses on file transfer governance, enables compliance and enhances existing business processes.


DataComm’s SecurTransfer solution is a highly secure and stringently compliant file transfer service. SecurTransfer is optimized for mission-critical encrypted transfer and storage of files and data with customers, remote employees, vendors and partners. There simply isn’t a more secure, compliant, and flexible managed file transfer solution on the market today. Coupling the feature rich service with a SOC II Type II data center makes the solution unbeatable.

Service Benefits

  • Built-in end-to-end encrypted transfer and storage
  • Email notification of upload and retrieval
  • Secure web portal with user profiles and aging
  • Monthly reports detailing all transactions

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