Financial Services Industry

Fueling efficiency & innovation

The financial services industry is highly regulated and as a result, financial institutions have to walk a fine line between digital transformation and maintaining compliance. At the same time, every segment of the financial services industry is under a continuous threat from new competition with intuitive online applications and disruptive business models.

To remain relevant, financial institutions have to find new ways to accelerate their IT infrastructure to enhance collaboration, reduce risk, and drive innovation. But the growing complexity of IT compliance and regulations can make this process incredibly convoluted.

That’s where we come in!

At DataComm, we have partnered with a wide variety of financial institutions to deploy state-of-the-art technologies that enhance overall operations, increase security, reduce compliance risk, and create new opportunities. Furthermore, we ensure that our financial clients can focus on their most important asset, their customers.

As disruption becomes the norm across all industry segments, we help our financial services partners fuel efficiency and innovation across the entire institution. As our cutting-edge applications and systems deliver enhanced end-user experiences, our financial services partners also benefit from increased employee and customer engagement.


HealthCare Industry

Reduce costs + deliver enhanced patient care

Digitization has transformed the healthcare industry across the board. As a result, healthcare services providers now require customized IT solutions that can help optimize operations, cut costs, and deliver enhanced patient experiences while maintaining strict compliance.

Healthcare institutions also need proven IT solutions that help reduce costs of both clinical and non-clinical systems while enabling them to deliver enhanced patient care.

At DataComm, we have helped our healthcare partners consistently achieve improved patient care, enhanced security, lower operating costs, and strict compliance. Furthermore, we also ensure that healthcare institutions are enabled to attain improved productivity (with quick access to relevant information), higher efficiency, enhanced privacy, and improved patient services.

DataComm’s healthcare solution focuses on the following:


Legal Industry

Customized IT solutions that support business growth

The legal industry landscape is currently experiencing a period of significant transformation in response to growing competition and economic challenges. As a result, law firms are currently facing increased pressure to become more client-centric and data-driven.

For law firms to thrive and grow in this landscape, they have to maintain a competitive advantage by delivering their services more efficiently and effectively. This requires an approach that is backed up by strong business processes and effective strategies that have IT at its core.

At DataComm, we have over three decades of legal industry experience that has equipped us with a comprehensive understanding of the technology challenges faced by law firms.

By working closely with us, our legal industry partners have been able to achieve a complete technology transformation that enables enhanced productivity, efficiency, and improved client services.

Furthermore, our customized IT solutions also support business growth, enhanced data protection, and improved operational processes. This means that law firms can concentrate on their core business while we manage all-things IT.

DataComm’s legal industry solution focuses on the following:



Helping educators gain more from their technology investment

Educational institutions have to work with unpredictable funding cycles to stay ahead and remain strategic. Furthermore, they require technology solutions that can consistently enhance the productivity and experiences of all stakeholders.

Whether it’s students, teachers, or administrators, in the digital age, higher education comes with high expectations. That is why our primary focus is to help our education partners prepare our future generations by ensuring that all academic systems remain operational with reliable connectivity and enhanced security.

We also help educators achieve this while providing user experiences that exceed the expectations of today’s technologically savvy and sophisticated user bases.

At DataComm, we are equipped with over 30 years of experience in education technology covering a wide range of industry-specific technology services. This enables us to help educators get the greatest benefits from their technology investments both on-site and online.

Whether it’s a small school or a multi-campus university, we will work closely with you to build robust IT infrastructure that can seamlessly support multiple educational initiatives.

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"DataComm has a proven track record of combining strong security and support with value. Our security assessment auditors continue to make positive documented comments concerning DataComm’s reactions to their security testing."

Rick Coke | SVP & CIO, Summit Bank