Monitor your network in real-time with SecurNOC.

DataComm’s real-time network monitoring & management service, SecurNOC, uses the best practices of proactive network systems monitoring. Router, server, and workstation problems are eliminated before they can disrupt your business.

DataComm provides experienced network engineers to monitor the health and security of your network.
Customers also receive extensive performance and management reports with logs for regulatory compliance.

network management

Help Desk Support: Maximize your Network Availability

What does network availability mean to you? Or better yet, what does network downtime cost your organization? DataComm’s Single-Point-of-Contact (SPOC) Help Desk, offers comprehensive technical support to maximize the availability of your mission critical enterprise network.

With the need to provide superior end-user support and to minimize employee downtime, while also increasing cost efficiencies, many companies are reevaluating their approach to desktop support and how they deliver Help Desk services. Similarly, it is no longer a source of differentiation, but a business imperative, for technology product companies to deliver the highest standard of telephone technical support to their customer base. DataComm’s customers leverage our extensive experience, 24x7x365 technical support infrastructure, economies of scale and unique pricing model to supplement, enhance or manage their Help Desk solution.

Why DataComm

  • Proven Methodology for Troubleshooting and Escalation
  • Certified Professionals (Cisco, Dell, Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, ShoreTel, SonicWall and WatchGuard)
  • Single-Point-of-Contact for Help Desk Issues
  • Competent, Accurate and Timely Problem Identification and Resolution
  • Remote Diagnostics, Configurations, Updates and Patches
  • In Business Since 1984
  • SOC II Type II Certification

Real-Time Monitoring: Place your network in the hands of certified professionals

For many organizations, network management continues to grow both in scope and complexity as data and IT demands increase. With network administrators being asked to do more with less, effectively managing networks is more important than ever. In fact, keeping performance, availability and security high while keeping costs low is increasingly critical in today’s connected environments.

network management

Utilizing DataComm’s Real-Time Network Monitoring Service, SecurNOC, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that experienced LAN/WAN systems engineers are watching over the health of your network. In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses now require more strategies to enhance their Information Technology plan while reducing costs. Our remote network management offers such a cost benefit advantage in that it allows business networks to be professionally managed and monitored while minimizing IT costs.

Support Tiers and Options

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Provides network infrastructure performance and fault monitoring with notifications when alerts occur. Client notification of critical outages and automated reports are the core service deliverables.
  • Real-Time Management: Includes the features of the Real-Time Network Monitoring Service with the addition of priority remote troubleshooting, fault isolation and resolution of network infrastructure devices.
  • Server Management (Option): In addition to the features within the Real-Time Network Management Service, this service is focused on network fileservers and includes server administration, optimization, disk storage management, patch management, defragmentation, anti-virus application management, Backup notifications and custom alarm thresholds.
  • PC Support (Option): Adding to the features within the Real-Time Network Management Service – desktop/laptop PC troubleshooting, application assistance, patch management and anti-virus application management are included with this service option.

Router Management

DataComm’s Router Management Service is designed for organizations that rely heavily on their enterprise class wide area network. Our solution allows your IT Staff to take a hands-off approach by providing

    Service Benefits

    • 24×7 Alerting of Device Outages
    • Router Configuration & Backup
    • Router Patch Management
    • Second Level Change Management
    • Telco Interface/Dispatch
    • Device Reporting
    • WAN Diagrams

    Offsite Data Backup: Reducing costs while improving security is not a myth

    Unprecedented data growth is challenging companies of all sizes, placing increasing pressure on their backup and recovery initiatives. With mounting pressure to comply with regulatory requirements and improve disaster recovery practices, companies are experiencing dissatisfaction with traditional backup methods, that are falling short regarding efficiency, reliability, and ease of use. The need to deliver against strict service level expectations, while managing costs, turns information recovery management into a complex challenge for enterprise data centers of all sizes.

    network management

    SecurBackup Advantages


    DataComm encrypts the data in flight and at rest from cradle to grave. Furthermore, SecurBackup is the only data protection solution that is certified and compliant with the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140 standard. This gives government departments or regulated industries such as financial or healthcare a stamp of approval that they can use SecurBackup to collect, store and transfer their backup data.


    DataComm assures secure backup and recovery:

    • Zero breaches or compromised systems.
    • No open firewall ports.
    • Cannot be hacked.
    • Data stored in compressed and encrypted format.
    • Digital signature for every file and block of data.
    • Data on disk in self-describing format.
    • Background Autonomic Healing and System Admin (logical check).
    • Validation Process (digital signature check).


    SecurBackup can help your business with a variety of HIPAA, SOX and GLBA compliance requirements:

    • User Authentication
    • Role-based Access
    • 256-Bit AES Encryption of Data
    • Offsite Data Storage
    • Audit Trail of Backups and Transmission Reports
    • Restriction of Login Privileges to Users with Administrative Credentials Only

    Patch Management: No-hassle updates, right on-time

    It’s easy to perform both Windows and third-party patches on all your Windows servers and workstations with DataComm. We leverage the capabilities of Microsoft and your local WSUS to deploy and manage patches keeping your systems up-to-date with the latest important updates.

    DataComm reviews latest Windows and third-party patches and then adds them to an approved patch roll-out list. Once each week during a pre-defined patch update period, your servers and workstations are scheduled to receive these patches, automatically install and reboot if necessary. Additionally, DataComm can develop a customized patch roll-out plan for your organization.

      Service Features

      • Automatic and recurring patch scans
      • Scheduled or ad-hoc
      • By computer, group or user defined collections of computers
      • Scans networks for installed and missing security patches
      • Identifies which patches are installed and date installed
      • Determines which patches are needed
      • Monitors and maintains patch compliance for entire enterprise
      • Allows implementation across entire network

      Windows Systems Patch Management

      DataComm can apply Windows-critical and security patches on all target Windows platforms, including servers and workstations utilizing Microsoft WSUS. DataComm sets the systems to automatically install all windows critical and security related patches. Any patches that fall in the windows optional category, noncritical or security related rollups, or service packs are not automatically installed and must be specifically requested by the customer to be installed. All Windows-based patches can be applied to any related installed Microsoft application. If Microsoft publishes a patch, it can be applied by our systems. This includes Microsoft Office and other back office related applications.

      Third-party Patch Management

      Third-party patches for the listed applications are set to be automatically installed. Upon customer request, we can filter specific applications so they are not automatically patched.

      Supported Applications

      • Adobe® Acrobat® Professional
      • Adobe Acrobat Standard
      • Adobe Air®
      • Adobe Flash®
      • Adobe Reader® DC
      • Adobe Reader® XI
      • Apple iTunes® (32/64bit)
      • Amazon Corretto JDK® (32/64bit)
      • Google Chrome™
      • Mozilla® Firefox® (32/64bit)
      • Mozilla Thunderbird®
      • Notepad++ (32/64bit)
      • Oracle Java™ legacy 6/7/8 (32/64bit)
      • PDFforge
      • Skype™
      • VLC Media Player (32/64bit)
      • 7-Zip (32/64bit)

      Telephony Monitoring: Eliminate the hurdles of communication barriers

      Everyone has high expectations for voice service availability. This cannot be achieved without proactive lifecycle management. A common goal is to consistently achieve 99.999% availability with 5.3 minutes or less of downtime per year. DataComm understands that high availability and reliability are absolute requirements for all mission critical applications, including IP telephony solutions.

      DataComm’s Telephony Monitoring service is specifically designed to address the issues associated with a growing IP Telephony network. By providing clear, detailed and accurate visibility to your system, our solution addresses the oversight, quality management and support that only an experienced IP Telephony Integrator can deliver. What’s more, DataComm can anticipate adverse incidents well before they occur, reducing the likelihood of failure and speeding the time to restoration.

        Solution Benefits

        • Automatic and recurring patch scans
        • Enhanced Perfomance & Reliability
        • Comprehensive Ongoing Fault Management Minimizes the Potential Failure Before an Outage Occurs
        • Rapid Detection Reduces Restoration in Case of Failures
        • Managed Moves, Adds & Changes Ensures Proper Change Control
        • Customized Reports for Auditors

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        "We are secure in knowing that our network is safe and is monitored 24/7. I highly recommend DataComm for all of your network needs."

        Cheryl Tanenbaum | S.V.P., Intracoastal Bank