Secure, Reliable Network Monitoring and Management

SecurNOC is a real-time network monitoring and management service that uses the best practices of proactive network systems monitoring to secure and optimize your network.

With SecurNOC, you receive access to experienced network engineers who monitor your network’s health and security, alerting you to issues as soon as they arise. You’ll also get extensive performance and management reports for insights into your network’s overall functionality, efficiency and areas needing improvement. Most importantly, SecurNOC offers reliable and ongoing security, compliance and network optimization while relieving your IT team’s network and security management burden.

network management

Real-Time Monitoring



Automated Network Monitoring

DataComm delivers detailed network device monitoring, interface availability and performance indicators, such as bandwidth utilization, packet loss, latency, errors, discards, CPU and memory for SNMP and WMI-enabled devices.

We also automatically monitors events generated by devices and proactively polls devices to verify response and functionality. This service focuses on monitoring and event ticketing against pre-defined thresholds, ensuring the network is available and performing according to established standards.

Event Notification

Monitoring systems will automatically notify your staff of all critical device events and alarms, 24/7/365.

Integrated Wireless Polling

Manage wireless thin and autonomous access points and their associated clients. With SecurNOC, DataComm monitors your wireless devices alongside your wired devices to provide you with events, reports and prioritized lists for your wireless infrastructure.

Application Monitoring

Rely on application monitoring for the most common enterprise software applications including Microsoft Server, Exchange, SQL, Active Directory and virtual hypervisors such as VMware and Hyper-V. Detailed Traffic Analysis

SecurNOC’s NetFlow Traffic Analyzer provides unprecedented views into network traffic, enabling proactive optimization of network resources. By examining flow data on your routers, we can determine traffic by user, application, conversation, interface, protocol and type of service.

Router and Device Management


Network Device Discovery

DataComm performs an initial device discovery and maps them against your approved list of managed devices. Once discovered, they are categorized and associated with customized ticketing and event filters.

Device and Configuration Management

Manage and centrally view and compare device configuration changes. Inventory network device hardware including IOS, device and interface serial numbers, ARP tables and many more with SecurNOC’s intuitive reporting system.

Server Management and Monitoring for Multiple Hardware Vendors

Monitor hardware health for multiple vendors in addition to application and virtual infrastructure health and performance. DataComm monitors key health indicators of servers with SNMP, WMI and VMware API protocols.

Multi-Vendor Device Support

DataComm can monitor multi-vendor devices and provide availability and performance statistics for almost any router, switch, firewall, VPN concentrator, wireless access point or other device that supports standard protocols.

Help Desk Support


Ticketing Service and System Monitoring Portal

Keep service and event tickets, new service ticket creation and overall monthly service ticket trending all in one place.

Network Troubleshooting

Event isolation, diagnostics and restoration support services.

Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. EST.

Fault Isolation

Always know the root cause of an event with DataComm’s expert event analysis.

Manufacturer RMA and Dispatch

If an event is determined to be due to a hardware component failure, DataComm can process an RMA directly with the manufacturer utilizing your manufacturer service agreements, levels and coverage.

Remediation of Server Performance Issues

DataComm can quickly resolve performance problems with automated actions for starting and stopping services, killing processes and rebooting servers.

Data and Configuration Backup



Automated, Real-Time Configuration Backup

Automatically back up your managed device configurations, including Cisco, Watchguard or Sonicwall routers, switches and firewalls. Maintain the running configuration of these devices with the ability to compare changes from previous configuration backups.


Quickly troubleshoot network issues with immediate visibility into the cause-and-effect relationship between configuration changes and network performance. Compare start-up and running configuration files for quick insights into device configurations issues.

Real-Time Alerts

Get real-time alerts when network configuration changes occur, enabling rapid responses to unauthorized, unscheduled or erroneous changes.


SecurNOC detects configuration policy violations to ensure compliance with federal regulations and corporate standards.

Patch Management


Automatic and Recurring Patch Scans

Scans for Windows and third-party patches, and scans networks for installed and missing security patches. SecurNOC determines which patches are needed, tracks patch installs and enables patch implementation across the entire network.

SecurNOC implements weekly patches on the following schedule:

Servers: 12:00 a.m. EST Sundays

Workstations: 12:00 a.m. Wednesdays)

We also implement ad-hoc patches as necessary.


SecurNOC monitors and maintains patch compliance for the entire network.

Patch Reports

Get monthly patch health reports to stay up-to-date and secure.

Network Insights


Hardware Health Monitoring

Get at-a-glance insights into the health of your network hardware through performance monitoring, event ticketing and reporting on the state of key devices including temperature, fan speed and power supply.

Configuration Health Monitoring

Visualize enterprise-wide configuration health indicators alongside network performance data.

Performance Charts

DataComm provides real-time, interactive charts and graphs of key device performance statistics. We can integrate your network devices to custom network maps and automatically view connections between devices and their real-time status.

Quickly Generate Reports

Generate on-the-fly network performance reports using network status reporting templates that can be exported to PDF format.

NetFlow Forensics

Our system makes it quick and easy to investigate and isolate excessive network bandwidth utilization and unexpected application traffic, as well as analyze QoS performance by user, application, country or protocol.

Advanced Application Mapping

Knowing that 98% of your bandwidth is “web traffic” is nice. But knowing what percentage is being used for streaming music, video or gaming versus critical business applications is extremely important. SecurNOC correlates the traffic arriving from designated ports, source IPs, destination IPs and even protocols to application names you can easily recognize.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting Portal

Get real-time insights into network status, usage, throughput, errors, congestion, interface utilization and other detailed reports all in one place.

Flow-based Reporting

Run SecurNOC’s reporting interface at any time, making it fast and simple to create in-depth network traffic reports with a few mouse clicks.

Performance and Capacity Reporting

Receive reports detailing application performance and server availability.

Top Talker Details

With SecurNOC’s NetFlow feature, you can easily see interface utilization details and bandwidth consumption and quickly determine who is consuming it. With our on-the-fly reporting interface, you can generate real-time utilization reports with a list of top talkers so you can instantly know what is consuming your bandwidth.

Telephony Monitoring


ISP/Telco Fault Escalation

Skip the hassle of working with third-party vendors. DataComm works directly with your ISP and telco vendors to track utilization, implement telco modifications, issue alerts and escalate WAN and internet outages on your behalf.

Start securing and optimizing your network today.

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