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DataComm has been in business since 1984 because we recommend best-of-breed products paired with expert installation and support services. Our solutions scale with your continued growth and evolve to meet your changing business needs. If you are applying band-aids to legacy equipment, looking to add emerging technologies, or just wanting to improve network and application performance, DataComm can help.

DataComm works with your staff to maximize the benefit achieved from your technology investments and make sure that your deployments meet corporate deadlines and operational expectations.


Network Design: Maximize your Network Availability

Your network serves as the backbone to support the use of technology at your organization. It must be dependable, efficient, and secure for your users to be productive and successful. The network design should also provide the means to add functionality and technical capabilities into your environment that increase the level of technology utilization. Keeping this in mind, DataComm custom tailors our services to meet the needs of each and every customer, regardless of size. If you are implementing a new network, upgrading an existing one or just adding an application, call on DataComm to provide a quality solution that minimizes the disruption to your work day.

  • Assess

    DataComm can help identify, analyze, and select comprehensive solutions to meet your long-term business objectives. Our assessment creates a holistic view of your network requirements by examining critical components and then applying proven methodologies to develop best-of-breed solutions.

  • Design

    DataComm utilizes our long history and an exemplary team to create “best fit” solutions that meet performance, ease-of use, flexibility, and management specifications now, and adapt to future business initiatives. We are dedicated to developing these best-of-breed solutions for you!

  • Implement

    DataComm provides a number of solutions to help customers configure, procure and certify that the solution is installed properly. Specific implementation services include project management, hardware staging and implementation, and ongoing management through the use of our SecurNOC service.

IP Telephony Readiness: The first step toward network convergence

Enterprises are rapidly adopting IP telephony for cost savings, productivity gains and business innovation, but delivering a high quality voice service takes more than just buying the latest IP telephony equipment.

Successfully deploying IP telephony to your enterprise also means understanding the requirements for delivering toll-quality voice over your company’s network infrastructure, and then appropriately planning for, choosing and deploying the right IP telephony.

DataComm’s IP Telephony Readiness Service is an independent, consultative analysis, offering recommendations and roadmaps based on best practices, business strategy requirements and existing communication and technology capabilities.

IP Telephony Readiness Service Features

  • An understanding of the business communication requirements
  • Solution and infrastructure options to ready the network
  • Operational impact/improvements
  • Business recommendations

Telecom Audit: Are you paying more than you should for voice and data?

Customers often complain about the complexity of their voice and data plans. Apparently, many of them are so complex that the carriers themselves can’t even keep them straight. There is a good chance that you are being overcharged, or that you can re-work your plans to get the same or better services for less money. Those monies go straight to the bottom line! The savings can be used to expand your networks or add technologies that do more for the bank – making people more productive and improving customer service.

Let DataComm audit your phone and data bills. If we don’t get you a credit or refund, or can’t reduce your phone and data expenses then you won’t owe us anything. If we can, we want you to consider implementing some emerging technologies (like IP Telephony, Virtualization, etc.), or simply pay us a percentage of the savings for our efforts.

What We Do to Help

  • Discover billing errors
  • Find ways to consolidate circuits
  • Eliminate unused lines
  • Restructure contracts for better rates

Virtualization: Modernize, improve, simplify and save

Virtualization continues to transform how IT is managed, bought and deployed — for good reason. Implementing virtualization solutions provide more efficient utilization of network server capacity, simpler storage administration, reduced energy costs, and better use of capital. In addition to improving scalability and workloads, you save money, energy, and space.

DataComm’s virtualization design service pairs our Certified Consultants(VMware, Citrix, Microsoft) with your staff to transform an existing legacy architecture into something that is streamlined, efficient, secure, and supportable. The business value gained from our server, application and desktop solutions will fundamentally change the way you look at IT.

Virtualization provides:

  • Increases IT flexibility by allowing the provisioning of new servers, desktops and IT services within minutes
  • Reduces costs by consolidating servers and reducing power, cooling, and datacenter space needs
  • Minimizes downtime by reducing the impact of failures and protecting against disasters

If you fit into any of the following scenarios, it’s probably a good time to consider virtualization:

  • Handing a rapidly growing network
  • Implementing a comprehensive disaster recovery solution
  • Increasing the number of client device types
  • Mobilizing your workforce
  • Dealing with regulatory compliance mandates

Disaster Recovery: Eliminate the hurdles of communication barriers

When a disaster recovery plan is correctly drafted and implemented, it will make the process of retrieving lost data and the resuming normal system operations simple.

Types of Disruptions:

  • Natural – hurricane, tornado, flood, fire
  • Human – sabotage, virus, operator error
  • Environmental – equipment failure, outage, electric power failure
  • Our disaster recovery experts will work with your organization to create a solution that will:

Take into Account Business and Operational Requirements

  • Ensure 99.999% Service Availability
  • Scale with Data Growth
  • Meet Data Security Standards
  • Fulfill Audit Requirements
  • Adhere to Regulatory Mandates
  • No design can be a “one size fits all”, so DataComm’s experienced Disaster Recovery Professionals will work with your organization to come up with a cost-effective solution that is based on proven technology.

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"DataComm has a proven track record of combining strong security and support with value. Our security assessment auditors continue to make positive documented comments concerning DataComm’s reactions to their security testing."

Rick Coke | SVP & CIO, Summit Bank