Finally there’s a business communications system that works as hard and as fast as you do.

Mitel’s innovative business phones, collaboration tools, application integrations, mobility and contact center applications empower organizations and people to work smarter and stay connected, no matter the time, place or device.

Mitel business communications solutions are highly scalable, reliable and secure. Best of all, they eliminate the expensive complexity that’s found in other phone system solutions.

  • Easiest to deploy, use, manage & scale
  • Scales to any size—never rip & replace
  • One solution for all deployments: cloud, onsite or hybrid
  • Lowest TCO means highest value in business communications
  • Benefit from our 20 years in IP telephony leadership
unified communications

Connect Overview: 

Can your business communications system do this?

Mitel Connect offers a powerful, easy way to stay connected everywhere, always. More than just phone service, Connect includes a streamlined app that includes IM, conferencing, online meetings and video on your desktop and mobile devices.

Mitel business communications solutions are highly scalable, reliable and secure. Best of all, they eliminate the expensive complexity that’s found in other phone system solutions.  
To view Mitel Connect in greater detail, view slide deck below:

Deployment Options: Cloud, On-Site or Hybrid?

Mitel Connect Cloud: A hosted, managed VoIP phone service with an experience users love.

A hosted, managed VoIP phone service with an experience users love.

Mitel Connect CLOUD is a premium VoIP business phone service that every department in your company will love. Discover the Mitel Connect CLOUD difference: an exceptional user experience that presents the robust system features in an entirely user-friendly way. It’s an end-to-end service from phones to software to premium customer service, and it’s so easy to provision that it’s practically plug-and-play. Built-in operational redundancies assure high availability and business communications continuity; Secure Real-time Transfer Protocol ensures your service is always highly secure.

Mitel On-premises unified communications and business phone systems

A hosted, managed VoIP phone service with an experience users love.

Discover the Mitel Connect ONSITE difference: an exceptional user experience that presents robust system features in an entirely user-friendly way. Distributed architecture that assures business communications continuity. An outstanding management interface that saves time and money, and line of business integrations that make time and money. All with the lowest total cost of ownership of any on-premises system.

Mitel Connect HYBRID solutions provision new communications features on demand, integrate diverse deployments, maximize up-time, and leverage the strengths of onsite and cloud deployments

Mitel Connect HYBRID combines the immediacy and convenience of managed service subscriptions delivered via the cloud with the solid performance and control of an on-premises system deployment. The result is a flexible, adaptable and strategic approach to unified communications system deployment.

Contact Center: Deliver Exceptional Experiences by Phone, Chat and Email

Mitel Connect Contact Center provides inbound, outbound and blended solutions that enable you to build positive customer relationships—without costing a fortune

No matter what size your business, you know that customer satisfaction is tied to repeat business and your company’s reputation. Personalizing your service opens the opportunity to upsell and cross sell, and having staff available at the times your customers want to reach you can earn loyalty.

The right contact center can make it easy to optimize your resources, improve response times, route calls effectively, and access account data– so customers feel valued and trust your brand.


  • Easy to manage and administer
  • Customizable multi-channel routing for improved customer service
  • Increased agent utilization with agents handling multiple interactions simultaneously
  • Integrated with CRM and ERP apps for superior business intelligence
  • Comprehensive historical reporting
  • High availability and built-in disaster recovery

Customize Communications with Advanced Applications

Extend the functionality of Mitel Connect

Application integration can deliver on the promise of unified communications by tying organizational communications into core business processes. These innovative solutions help to increase employee productivity, shorten response times, encourage collaboration, and improve customer satisfaction. The result is a more efficient and profitable enterprise, increasing the return on investment of both the communications platform and the customer’s existing business applications.

Crystal clear sound, superior ergonomics, the best phones for your business

IP Phone Gallery

Mitel-6873-sip6873 SIP
6869-sip6869 SIP
Mitel-6867-SIP-Phone6867 SIP
6865i-sip6865 SIP
6863i-sip6863 SIP
MiVoice6739i-sip6739 SIP
Mitel-6737i-sip6737 SIP
Mitel-6735i-sip6735 SIP
Mitel-6731-sip6731 SIP
Mitel-6730-sip6730 SIP
Mitel-1023i-SIP-Phone-1023 SIP
mivoice-video-conference-phoneMiVoice Video Conferencing Phone
mivoice conference phoneMiVoice Conference Phone
6940-ip6940 IP
(coming soon)
6930-ip6930 IP
(coming soon)
6920-ip6920 IP
(coming soon)
5505-guest-ip5505 Guest IP Phone
MiVoice5360e-ip5360 IP
MiVoice5340-ip5340e IP
MiVoice5330-1p5330e IP
5324-ip5324 IP
MiVoice5320e-ip5320e IP
MiVoice5320-ip5320 IP
5312-ip5312 IP
5304-ip5304 IP
Mitel-4425-ip4425 IP – Vision
mitel-mivoice-4422-ip-4422 IP – Office
mitel-4420-ip4420 IP – Basic
PolyCom IP6000 Conference PhoneIP6000
mitel-bb424 newBB424
Ip 420g MitelIP 420g
480gIP 480g
Ip 485g MitelIP 485g
Ip 480 MitelIP 480
Ip 420 MitelIP 420
655IP 655

Mitel offers a wide range of telephones for use within its business communication solution, each designed to help boost productivity and meet the needs of every user—from busy executive to remote worker, and from operator to contact center agent. Each phone is preconfigured for quick and easy installation with the Mitel Unified Communications (UC) system and offers all the advanced features, high performance and quality required in today’s constantly connected workplace.


  • Ergonomic design optimized for comfort, sound and usability
  • Plug-and-play simplicity lowers management resource needs
  • Available in a wide range of models to meet all enterprise requirements
  • Quick and intuitive access to Mitel’s feature-rich communication capabilities

Everything you need to deploy voice switches, trunking, collaboration and mobility features

IP Switch Gallery


Mitel Voice Switches are key building blocks of the Mitel Unified Communications (UC) system and deliver UC to organizations of every size —from large enterprises to small and medium businesses. Highly reliable and intelligent, these switches unify communications across multiple enterprise locations, supporting IP phones, analog devices, and a variety of trunk interfaces. Mitel Voice Switches manage Mitel IP Phones and analog lines, as well as PSTN and ITSP trunks.

  • Eliminate communication boundaries

Mitel delivers breakthrough Unified Communications solutions with a single system spanning multiple locations, which dramatically simplifies employee communication and boosts customer satisfaction.

  • Business-critical reliability

Voice communications are the foundation of any business, demanding the utmost in system availability. Mitel Voice Switches exceed today’s most stringent enterprise IT requirements, delivering 99.999% reliability.

  • Smooth migration and seamless scalability

With stackable, space-efficient designs, Mitel offers a wide range of solutions for organizations of any size. Growing companies simply need to add Mitel Voice Switches; the system scales geometrically and seamlessly.

  • Lower total cost of ownership

Mitel’s exceptional ease of installation, ease of use and centralized management significantly lower ongoing maintenance and operating expenditures. New ports and users can be added by simply connecting switches to the network.

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"Mitel’s built-in management tools are the easiest administration tools we’ve ever seen. DataComm made our Mitel implementation and phone system conversion simple with little to no impact on our employees or customers."

Jeremy Scott | Network Administrator, CB&S Bank