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DataComm will offer Data Loss Prevention Solution

How are you addressing data loss in your organization?

DataComm offers Data Loss Prevention Solution DataComm offers Data Loss Prevention Solution DataComm offers Data Loss Prevention Solution (Click images to view larger)
Data loss occurs when sensitive or critical information is shared outside your network, and for the first time ever, the US Banking/Credit/Financial sector ranked in the top three data breaches by industry in 2015. And, we’re not talking about just cybercrime or hackers. We’re talking about what’s happening inside your business. 38% of data losses start inside a company. 29% of breaches start with the theft of company devices like laptops or cell phones With financial institutions facing increasing regulations every year, it just makes sense to implement a data loss prevention (DLP) solution. DLP software is really a natural progression of what you are most likely already doing to stop data loss; it allows more visibility into data so you know how it is being used and where it is going. Plus, with insider threats on the rise and the addition of rigorous state privacy laws – many of which have stringent data protection or access components – DLP is becoming a necessity. Because of this, DataComm has partnered with the DLP provider Safetica. Their approach to Data Loss Prevention starts with understanding how information is used and shared around your business… the “AUDITOR”. Computer activity and data use is monitored to assess what’s really going on under the hood. The idea is to build secure practices that fit your business, not re-engineer your day-to-day operations. The technology encrypts sensitive data. So even if a company laptop, USB stick or mobile phone is stolen, the information on the device is unreadable. Key benefits to your organization include:
  • Compliance with internal process and regulatory requirements
  • The prevention of “oversharing” of sensitive information
  • The ability to track sensitive files to prevent accidental or deliberate leaks
Five of the top 20 banks disclosed leaks in 2016. So if it can happen to the biggest, it can happen to anyone. 

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