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Our disaster event action plan has been reviewed to insure the resiliency of our critical managed services.

We’ve listed the status of these services below which in the event of an emergency, you can monitor.




SecurNOC Portal



LogicMonitor Status Page

DataComm’s experienced network engineers monitor the health and security of your network. By using advanced network management tools for monitoring systems many network problems and security issues are eliminated before they can disrupt your business operations. Learn More >

Datacomm’s SecurOffice portal is our ticketing portal that allows you to manage your service tickets in Connect Wise and review your invoices or agreements. It also offers a statistical chart indicating service ticket history.

SecurShield service comes with a customer login to SecurPortal, providing real-time network event logging, the status of any open SecurShield service tickets, access to monthly reports, and the customers current trusted (white listed) IP addresses and the current blocked (black listed) IPs.



Year after year, our managed security clients pass their federal exams utilizing our 24x7 IDS/IPS monitoring and reporting service coupled with one of the highest rated IDS/IPS appliances on the market. This solution protects your network from costly breaches of your valuable data resources.

DataComm’s SecurLog service provides Microsoft Windows & UNIX event and security log policy management. This includes 24x7x365 log monitoring, immediate critical alert reponse, real-time alerting & notification, and compliance reporting.

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DataComm remotely monitors your firewall, 24x7x365, from our Secure Network Operations Center. We provide Firewall health and interface monitoring, monthly reporting, configuration backup.

SonicWALL and WatchGuard are supported but firewall reporting services are offered via onsite collection or via remote collection. Onsite collection involves the server, reporting information, and data storage being retained within your facility on your hardware and software. Remote collection occurs within our remote Datacenters via encrypted VPN tunnel on DataComm servers and software.

For WatchGuard firewalls; Web-traffic, unified threat management and blocked sites reporting capabilities are performed through WatchGuard System Manager (WSM).

For SonicWALL firewalls; Web-traffic, unified threat management and blocked sites reporting capabilities are performed through SonicWALL Global Management System (GMS).



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Clint Jones | IT Director, American Momentum Bank