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StarLeaf Video Conferencing for Financial Institutions

Turn any meeting room into a secure video conferencing suite with StarLeaf. StarLeaf’s advanced video conferencing capabilities and intuitive interface help financial institutions foster secure and collaborative face-to-face communication. When implemented as a component of SecurNOC’s network security solution, StarLeaf communications are protected across all devices and end points for comprehensively secure video conferencing. What’s more, StarLeaf’s user-friendly interface doesn’t require assistance or training; participants can join meetings with a single button.

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Advanced Video Conferencing Capabilities

StarLeaf provides high-quality voice and video conferencing through a fully secure connection. Participants can access calls using any video or phone installation, broadening meeting accessibility, accommodating remote teams and allowing for future scaling. And guest invites are unlimited: meetings are as large or as small as you need them to be, every time.

Intuitive and Powerful Platform

StarLeaf meetings are easy to create, start and join; financial institutions can connect internal and external teams through an intuitive interface. A single “join now” button accommodates more participants with fewer technical difficulties. Further, StarLeaf is compatible with Cisco, Polycom, Skype for Business and H.323/SIP, facilitating open communication channels without compromising security.


As a financial institution, data is one of your most critical assets. Starleaf will align well with your security posture to safeguard communications from end-point to end-point, securing your conference data. Couple Starleaf with SecurShield, SecurLog, and antivirus/endpoint security to cut the risks associated with fragmented security.

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Customizability and Accessibility

StarLeaf accommodates remote parties by allowing participants to open meetings via various devices and locations. Multiple accessibility ports facilitate easy configuration changes for customized meeting arrangements, including multi-screen video conferencing, multiple microphones and either a tilt and zoom, pan or USB camera. StarLeaf also integrates with Outlook, Calendar, Slack and more for smooth operability – no more missed meetings, lost access codes or calendar hiccups.

Elevate Your Financial Institution with StarLeaf

  • Improve team collaboration, communication and efficiency.
  • Streamline external communications and accessibility.
  • Pair with SecurShield and SecurLog for a better security posture and network security.
  • Empower remote team collaboration and scalability within your institution.
  • Customize conference setups to fulfill meeting and participant needs.
  • Cut the hassle of virtual meetings with an intuitive interface, seamless integrations and a single “join now” button.
  • Integrate with existing equipment and solutions for easy deployment.

The Ultimate Guide to Data Security for Financial Institutions

Effective security measures rely on working industry knowledge and an understanding of potential threats. To check in on your institution’s security, download DataComm’s Comprehensive Guide to Data Security Threats for Financial Institutions today.


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